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Free Spirit.

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Carolyn Chin

I lead an active lifestyle as a marathoner and yogi in downtown San Diego.  My favorite way to see the world is by foot, choosing to race in cities rich in culture – art, architecture, cuisine.

Recently I decided to transition from working in the tech industry as an engineer and software tester to a vocation that aligns with my volunteer work as an architecture docent at the Salk Institute and a volunteer for San Diego Architecture Foundation events.

My passion is to inspire others through curated experiences of art and architecture, followed by conversation over great food.

Fun facts:

I continue to chase the elusive Boston qualifying time and have finished numerous half marathons and 12 marathons including NYC, Chicago and the Marine Corp Marathon.  Currently training for the Carlsbad Half Marathon, my favorite race in San Diego!

You'll often spot me out and about in restaurants and museums taking way too many iPhone pics for Instagram. The best compliment from a fellow IGer is that I make him see the city in new ways.

I move to keep things whole