Carolyn Adventure Tours
offering bespoke adventures in the greater San Diego area and beyond



Q: Why are the tours described as ‘Adventures’?

A: The tours are the daily adventures you can have by exploring and paying attention – taking time to discover perhaps what’s been there all along or something entirely brand new.

Q. Are all tours active (i.e., running or walking)?

A: In addition to active tours, I offer leisurely tours where clients are transported from one point of interest to another. 

All tours are meant to be fun and enjoyable. Running tours are at a conversational pace with stops for photo taking and a post-run treat.

Q: Do you offer custom tours?

A: Of course! I'll work with you to curate a unique experience.

Q: How are tours priced?

A: Running/walking tours are $20/person for 60 minutes.  Discounted packages of 5 tours for $75 are available.

Custom tour pricing will vary, depending on itinerary. Estimate $75/hour.





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