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Little Libraries - Take a book, return a book

Like many people, I have an affinity for libraries, books and reading. When I visit cities, I try to visit the central library if possible. 

Lately, I’ve been discovering Little Libraries (LLs) which homeowners or community members install by their residences or in common spaces of the neighborhood. For this post, I will share the LLs I have come across in San Diego and other cities. Future library posts will cover medium size libraries (branch libraries, museum libraries, school libraries) and large central libraries.

The Little Free Library ( has unique identifiers for each registered library and you can see on a map where they are located. I prefer to discover them when I’m out and about, usually while running in different neighborhoods. 

It’s always fun to see the selection of books in each library, a reflection of the owner/builder of the library. Some may have self-help books, others may have cookbooks or children books, etc. Many LLs match the architecture of the homeowner’s residence.

There are even architecture contests for Little Libraries. I attended a talk given by The Friends of San Diego Architecture where the winning LLs for their contest were displayed. The lifeguard station aka Book-Guard design caught my eye!

A little library modeled after a lifeguard station

A little library modeled after a lifeguard station

AIA San Diego sponsored a Frank Lloyd Woof LL contest which reminded me of the LL at Grape Street Dog Park.

Free Fido Library at Grape St. Dog Park

Free Fido Library at Grape St. Dog Park

Finding these Little Libraries in our neighborhoods show how much we value reading, books, design and sharing. And that's a great thing!