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Taking Flight is Fun(icular)

 Yesterday's tour to downtown LA (DTLA) was quite fun - full of art, architecture, food, and photo ops. We covered a lot of ground.  But I thought Angels Flight deserved it's own short post, just because. For one thing, traffic was horrendous here in San Diego today with water main breaks and a sinkhole causing freeway lane and ramp closures.  Thinking about the sweet ride on Angels Flight made today's transportation woes fade away.

You can read all the historical information on the web about the funicular railway dating back to 1901, when Bunker Hill was one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the cars, Olivet and Sinai, ferried prominent citizens up and down the steep slope between Hill and Olive streets. How it was dismantled for “urban renewal” of the area in 1969 and refurbished and relocated a half-block in the early 1990s, then reopened in 1996. There were other periods of closing and reopening, most recently a couple weeks ago when temperatures were hot.

You can also rewatch LaLa Land, where the two main characters played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone take a ride on the train during a romantic date.

Enjoy the photos here and the video posted on my FB and Twitter.

These photos were taken on the ride up. The two cars are very close together as they pass, one going down and other going up.