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OH! San Diego 2018 Behind the Scenes

Another successful OH! San Diego, thanks to the efforts of many! 

For year two of San Diego's largest architectural event, the committee started work last fall to sign up sites, make site visits and pre-tour.

The program grew from 47 sites in 2017 to 83 sites and tours in 2018.

There was a call for volunteers and an orientation at the San Diego Central Library.

Finally, the event itself was  held this past weekend, March 24 & 25.

All told, more than a couple hundred volunteers if you count the site volunteers, the host personnel and architects and designers who gave their time to lead tours. Thousands of hours volunteered!

Some pre-event pics below of hosts and volunteers with the OH! sign made by Tecture, an OH! build/design site in Barrio Logan.

This year, the Tecture crew made another version of the OH! sign in walnut.

How exciting to see a banner up in the ARTS District in Liberty Station ...

and the volunteers sporting their t-shirts.

Till next year, San Diego!