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Celebrating The New Children's Museum

As this week's adventures included attending a birthday party at The New Children's Museum in downtown San Diego, I thought it would be good time to pull up my captures of this fun space where kids get to think, play and create...

Most of these photos are of the exterior and the landscape, taken on my morning runs when I can't help but appreciate the architecture by Rob Wellington Quigley Architects.  I do occasionally step inside and am always pleased to see how busy it is with kids at play.

I didn't know the Painted Object (a covered wagon below) was constantly repainted until  I saw the color change after the first pic taken :) But once I learned that, I was always curious to see the latest coat of paint. Just saw that instead of a covered wagon,it's now a Dodge pickup truck, so best to stop by and take another pic.

Across the street from the museum, there is a garden and playground. Have you walked along the poetry wall? Even above, along the edge of the arbor, there is poetry.

The chalk art on the wall is ever changing...

The garden is full of whimsical design. There are edible plots as well as a fragrance garden - please touch the leaves.

Finally, some pics from the birthday celebration on Thursday, where there was cake and a ribbon cutting for "No Rules...Except", an interactive installation by Brian Dick, full of pillows, mattresses and the adults got to play, too!