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Coronado Village Theater - History and Future

Excited to gather at the iconic Village Theatre in Coronado Wednesday morning on its 70th anniversary and hear the story of how the town and city government saved this landmark after years of shuttering.  On hand were past Mayor Casey Tanaka, present Mayor Richard Bailey, and former City Manager Mark Ochenduszko. Lance Alspaugh, GM of Vintage Theatres, who partnered with the City, was there, too.

After learning about the Village Theatre history, the talk segued to the "Future"  Coronado Island Film Festival which will be held over 4 days in November (Veterans Day Weekend). More than 100 films will be screened during the festival. The Village Theater will be one of the venues.

We were treated to some wonderful clips of the films screening at the Festival.

Later in the evening,  there was a screening of the film "Back to the Future". The film's DeLorean flux  capacitor was displayed in front of the theater!  Dean Cundey a cinematographer of the film, was a special guest and speaker.

I found a detailed article Coronado's Village Theatre Restored  on the Save Our Heritage Organization website. While on the Vintage Theatre website, I observed the graphic showing the Village Theatre had won an Orchid award in 2013 for Historic Preservation.

The San Diego Architecture Foundation, which puts on the Orchids and Onions Event, is an organization for which I volunteer.  Psst...Orchids and Onions for 2017 will be presented TODAY at the US Grant Hotel, another landmark icon, in downtown San Diego.