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Let's Just Say We Ate Well in Chicago

About that trip to Chicago. Let's just say that we ate well.  The photos speak for themselves  :)

For context, a friend and I traveled to Chicago 2 weeks ago since I had a spot in the marathon. We fit in a lot of other adventures, too, including visits to the Art Institute, a Chicago River Tour, a Frank Lloyd Wright Tour, Chicago Biennial, U of Chicago.

And of course, along the way, we needed to refuel.

It was all good, but the Beef Tongue Cavatelli dish I had one evening at the Cherry Circle Room was a surprise standout.

Since we stayed at The Chicago Athletic Association, we noshed at the Cherry Circle Room for breakfast, too.

And of course we tried Cindy's, which was on the rooftop.

The celebratory post marathon dinner was at Elske which my friend had read about in Bon Appetit and the NY Times. Again a standout meal!

I managed to get my Smoke Shack a couple days after the race. On race day and for several days after, every time I checked Shake Shack, the line was too long. It's a post race ritual to get a a burger, usually at Shake Shack if I can.

I had previously been to Eataly in NYC, so when I saw Eataly in Chicago off the Miracle Mile, I was happy to visit.

If you visit the University of Chicage, the Plein Air Cafe provides a view of the Robie House and lots of healthy options


Breakfast was great at the Wild Berry, Prudential location across Millennium Park. I ordered the kid size Berry Bliss and a side of Corned Beef Hash.

We knew ahead of time to lunch at Terzo Piano at the Art Institute. The light in the room made everything and everyone look good :)

My last food experience was dessert at Terzo Piano (second visit) just before leaving for the airport.