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Trail Happy at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

Back to running after a 3 1/2 week hiatus after the Chicago Marathon. Love that I was able to hit the trails at Los Penaquitos Canyon Preserve today. Ordinarily, I run west to the waterfall and beyond, but since this was a hot midday run, I stuck to a shady trail.

Coincidentally, I received the Nov 2017 issue of Runner's World today. Apparently I signed up for a free subscription when I registered for the Chicago Marathon. There were some great articles including "Why Smart Runners Take More Rest Days" and another on how building willpower takes training. But the one that I found inspirational was "Never Too Late". Julia Hawkins age 101 started running only a year ago and already has set a world record in the 100-yard dash at the Senior Olympic Games. I can only hope I live to 100 :)

I have a couple weeks before I start training for my next race - the Tri-City Carlsbad Half which will be on Jan. 14.  I've run this race every year since 2010 - 2 were full marathons, the rest were half marathons. It's my favorite half in San Diego, out and back, cool weather, mostly flat and fast.

Going forward I need to work on my speed.  Been slowing down lately and not training as seriously as before. But...while on the trails today got to thinking that when I was faster, I used do more trail running and maybe that's what I need to add to the mix. We shall see.