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Discovering Coronado

This past month I've the had the good fortune to play tourist in Coronado while preparing to volunteer at the Coronado Island Film Festival (CIFF) which is happening this week, Nov. 9-12.

Since I live in downtown San Diego, it is merely a short scenic drive over the Coronado Bridge or alternatively, a short scenic ferry ride from Broadway Pier. Some of the places recently visited are described below. There is still much more for me to explore!

Village Theater

I visited the iconic Village Theater in Coronado two weeks ago on its 70th anniversary to hear the story of how the town and city government saved this landmark after years of shuttering. For more, read post here.

Such a beautifully restored theater - I must return and catch a movie here. Naturally, the Village Theater is one of the venues for the CIFF!

Coronado Public Library

The Coronado Public Library was given by John D. Spreckels to the City of Coronado and the people of Coronado. The library features significant pieces of public art and fine art within its building, including two fresco murals painted by Alfredo Ramos Martinez. A section of forty-eight foot long "El Dia del Mercado", located in the entry lobby, is shown above.

There is a special exhibit thru Nov. 24 commemorating Alexander Golitzen, the late multiple Oscar winning Art Director for Universal Pictures. Memorabilia on display include original set design drawings, letters, photographs, Oscar nomination plaques and Oscar award statuettes.

A film Golitzen worked on while at Universal Studios is Alfred Hitchkock's Foregin Correspondent. The film will be shown in the library's Winn Room during the CIFF.

Coronado Historical Association and Museum

The Coronado Historical Museum gallery exhibts include art and ephemera from Coronado's history, and a collection of historic photographs of life in Coronado since the 1880s. There is an interactive display called Fundamental Truths where the visitor can choose to watch videos dscribing the modernist architecture of Irving Gill. Many of Gill's works of architecture are in the greater San Diego area, including Coronado. 

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Irving and Louis Gill (1920)

Sacred Heart Catholic Church on 7th and C was designed by Irving Gill and his nephew Louis Gill. There are a number of other churches nearby that I walked to and captured in photos. See below.

Hotel Del Coronado

The historic Hotel del Coronado, established in 1888, is the most recognizable structure in Coronado. The resort has enjoyed a long relationship with Hollywood (described in detail here). The movie"Some Like It Hot" which showcased the talents of Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon was filmed at the hotel in 1958. It will be screened on the last day of the CIFF on the beach by the Hotel Del.

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