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About the Race - It was a Fine Training Run

I ran a half marathon yesterday in Carlsbad. I've crossed the finish line there every year since 2010 for a total of 7 half marathons and 2 full marathons. I choose to race it every year to mark my birthday month and because it's a scenic course with ocean views for a good part.

Yesterday I did not do well and even cramped up after the race. Boy, did that hurt!

I used to be very serious and focused in my training. And if I want to get my times down, I know what I need to do. I'll consider yesterday's race a fine training run for my next marathon coming up April 29. According to my training plan, I should be 3 weeks into training for that - yikes!

What I have gotten better about is scheduling in regular massages and chiropractor appointments. I notice that I am recovering faster after my races which I attribute to the mix of self-care and even taking more restorative yoga classes.

I never buy race photos, because I'm usually caught grimacing and look like I'm walking instead of running.  The two below are halfway decent, one of which is pre-race!

Post-race, I like to celebrate with a burger and fries. The one below was a cheeseburger slider at Bankers Hill Bar & Grill. Since I usually run 2 full and 1 half marathon a year, that means at least 3 burgers a year!

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