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This is 55

Since I recently celebrated a birthday, I decided to post about what it feels to turn 55. I think it's hard for a woman to shout her age, especially when the other side of 50, but why not be brave?

It's been a fun week, full of all my favorite things - running, yoga, taking pics, art, architecture, music and poetry.

I took a birthday run to "my tree" on Harbor Island and talked to a young couple walking their dog. They call the carrotwood trees "broccoli trees". I told them about my tree tat, inspired by the tree where we stood and of course they wanted to see it, so I shared. I believe they were off to skydive later in Jamul. Not a pasttime that I am likely to try in my lifetime!

San Diego Restaurant Week coincides with my birthday week. I don't normally eat out this often but some of my favorites from this week's eats - whole branzino, fresh pasta, wine tasting, panna cotta.

Discovered a dress shop in the Gaslamp Quarter and popped in to try on a red dress, but instead the green one caught my eye.

Went to SDMA Culture and Cocktails and later caught some great nights shots at Balboa Park.

To balance all the running around for work and play, I've started to regularly take restorative yoga classes. And I believe that has made all the difference to keep calm in the midst of busyness.

So, what does 55 feel like? It feels great, better than 54 and 53 :)

I'm still a work in progress.

I'll end with a page from a "children's" book I bought last month full of inspirational quotes - "When in doubt, wear red."