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What's Next?

Two weeks ago I was in Toronto for the marathon. Now that I’m in this quiet period of time off from running, thoughts turn to planning for next year’s races and architecture travel.

This is just a quick post on the plans for next year. For running, there’s typically one half marathon, a 5k and two full marathons on the calendar.

Both travel races will likely be to Canada. In January, I’ll do my favorite hometown half, the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Full & Half, followed in March by the Carlsbad 5000 if it doesn’t conflict with OH! San Diego, Then in May, The BMO Vancouver Marathon and in Oct., I likely will repeat the Scotia Bank Toronto Marathon.

The BMW Berlin Marathon tempted, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s difficult to travel so far, to travel light (all that race gear) and tourist all in one trip. Usually, the day after a marathon, I hobble around the city which is good for recovery mode. However certain things such as taking public transportation and walking down stairs is usually out of the question.

Separate from the race travel, I would like to visit other Open House World Wide cities during their event weekends. New York beckons, as does Mexico City. Not only would I travel to attend the event, I would look into signing up to be a site volunteer.

While in Toronto, the last morning there I woke up and thought it would be great to walk to the Toronto-Dominion Centre aka TD Centre while it was still lit up (see photos above). The project is a cluster of towers and a pavilion by Mies van de Rohe.

At my morning coffee later, I mentioned to my server that I just visited the TD Centre. I said that I was visiting from San Diego and that I helped plan an architecture event where places opened their doors for behind-the-scenes tours, many given by architects and designers. She then told me about Doors Open Toronto, a similar program. When I inquired further when it was held, she said in May. I thought it cool that she knew about and promoted her city’s architecture event. She wasn’t the only local who mentioned it to me :)

The San Diego Architectural Foundation is in the midst of planniing for OH! San Diego 2019, March 23-24. We are lining up 100+ sites in 8 neighborhoods, including the newest addition of La Jolla. When it’s time to staff sites with volunteers, I’m hoping in addition to the local volunteers that we’ll again have our regulars from other cities and countries.

This will be our third weekend event, the first having been a one-day proof of concept in 2015.. The word has started to spread about our free-to-the-public community event.. Not only do people plan to attend, they want to get involved and volunteer.