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My Architect

"Have you seen the documentary My Architect? I had to smile when someone asked me that - it's a question I usually ask visitors when leading architecture tours at the Salk Institute. This post is about my architect, who recently graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO).

When my son got accepted into the architecture program at SLO, I couldn't have been happier. A nationally ranked program, a smallish college town that's far enough away so he could not drive back home every weekend and affordable tuition - these were all good things.

It's somewhat of a longish, though scenic, drive from San Diego to SLO.  I made the trek only a couple times these past five years to drop him off or bring him home. Typically, the drive was broken up with stops to visit friends in LA, dine in Santa Barbara, view scenic Cachuma Lake,  and visit Los Olivos.

Below are some pics from Sophomore year when we hiked in Poly Canyon and visited his studio:

On one of the road trips, we stopped by Eames House in Pacific Palisades.

Another trip, we stopped at The Getty.

He's been to visit the Salk with me and his sis. His third year class visited, too. The summer after third year, he got to study abroad and visit many places I have only read about and seen in photos.

Once my son got a car and moved out of the dorms, he would drive to/from San Diego himself during school breaks, so I no longer had to make the trip to SLO. He interned in San Francisco for his fourth year and would like to move there to work.

Last weekend before the graduation ceremony, we had time to walk the campus and visit his fifth year studio.

So, this chapter closes and another one begins. People say it flew by, but for the most part it feels exactly like five years. A lot of hard work, projects completed, travels taken.

And, if you haven't seen My Architect? I recommend that you do.