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The Makings of a VIP Bus Tour to Tijuana

It's not often you are asked to plan a cross-border bus tour for 100 guests. It's somewhat daunting if you haven't done it before. So many moving parts to the puzzle, but it all manages to come together...

Last Friday, the San Diego Architectural Foundation hosted its annual Context Event, for the first time, in Tijuana. The multi-part program consisted of a VIP Bus Tour, a Culinary Fair and an Evening Forum.

My contribution was to curate a tour choosing stops that would show off the renaissance in Tijuana in terms of its architecture, culture and design. There were two buses, each transporting 50 guests. 

Julie was the primary guide on one of the buses and I, on the other bus. We had additional guides to talk about the new San Ysidro border crossing. Once across the border, we picked up our TJ guides. The two buses met at the first stop, then proceeded to follow an alternating schedule at the remaining stops, so as not to have too many people at each site at the same time. A somewhat complex plan.

Since I was on duty, I didn't take many photos. You can view my previous TJ posts for more photos. Below are a few taken at the final stop, La Casa de la Cultura, where the Culinary Fair and Forum were held. Very cool to see the SDAF banners in TJ.

For some, this was their first trip to Tijuana. Many had been through Tijuana, on the way to Rosarito Beach or for wine tasting in Valle de Guadalupe. After talking with and hearing from the architects, planners, designers, and those in the cultural arts in Tijuana, I predict many will visit again. I already have a future trip planned.