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Monday in Tijuana

Three of us headed to Tijuana Monday for a short, spontaneous adventure. 

We had visited a month ago by bus with the San Diego Architectural Foundation for Context Vol. 5, The Tijuana Renaissance. The tour that day covered a lot of ground, so there wasn't time to linger in any one place.

For this trip, one of my friends wanted to return to Object and dine at Oryx Capital. Other than that, she left the itinerary up to me. I invited other friends from Context Bus #1. One could join us and provided transport to the border crossing.

We crossed by foot at San Ysidro, then caught a taxi to Avenida Revolution. First up - coffee at Praga.

Then a stop at One Bunk, a boutique Airbnb on Avenida de Revolution. I stayed there before last year and have been meaning to return for another stay soon. All the rooms and shared spaces are uniquely decorated. The giant huarache mounted on the wall was new from my previous visit.

A quick walk from One Bunk is design space Casa Duhagan, also on Revolution.

We hopped in a taxi to Object, where we had a Mezcal tasting accompanied by various salts with insects (worm, cricket and ants) and also a gin tasting.

I mainly go to window shop, but someone in my party always finds something they think is perfect for me. This time, it was a hat, modeled below later at the Grand Hotel Tijuana. Last time, it was a ring!

We hopped across the street to Oryx Capital for a late lunch of shared plates and refreshing cocktails. Highlights for me were the fish taco and Broken Pot, a vegetable dish.

Before leaving our server surprised us with a peek into Nortico, the speakeasy at the back of Oryx Capital.

The day was as perfect as could be, except for a reasonable wait to cross at the border back to San Diego. Given that it was 5:30p when we arrived at the crossing, the wait was not long at all for that time of day. Now, if my friends had Global Entry or Sentri, that would make it even better!