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The Weekend Adventures - Running, Volunteering and Poetry

Two weeks into marathon training, the weekend adventures were mostly running. An added bonus was spending an afternoon as a volunteer docent at a historical home tour.

I'm training for a fall marathon in Toronto. It'll be my 15th marathon, but this  is the 16th one that I've trained for and the second time I'm training for Toronto. The reason for that is the subject of another post. This was week two of the training plan. Mileage was fairly low, but it ramps up quickly. 

The summer landscape was particularly nice this weekend in Balboa Park where I took both weekend runs.

This weekend was the first time that I got up close to the bright, colorful murals of Centro Cultural de la Raza and the World Beat Center on Park Blvd.

You may not know - there's a whole trail system throughout Balboa Park. The zigzag tail was part of Sunday's route along with Morley Field and Switzer Canyon.

A special treat on the way back to downtown was running by the Poet Tree on Granada Ave. in South Park. The weekend poem:


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu is a
Sanskrit mantra which means:

“May all beings everywhere be
happy and free, and may the
thoughts, words, and actions of
my own life contribute in some
way to that happiness and to that
freedom for all.”