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Cross Border Adventures

Last week we had a couple of cross border adventures, one in Tijuana and the other in San Diego.

It had been a couple of months since the last trip, so I welcomed the chance to bring a friend down to TJ and meet up with another friend who lives there. Just a simple day trip that started with some retail stop

Then a visit to an art gallery, where by chance, the artist, Irma Sofia Poeter, happened to be there and we got to hear the stories behind the pieces. Below, some of her textile work.

Following the gallery visit, we enjoyed a stroll on Avenida de Revolution then a long lunch at Cesar’s where the Cesar Salad origninated. Of course we ordered it and watched it made tableside.

After lunch, we returned via the newly opened East pedestrian crossing. How fortunate, living in San Diego, that we can cross from the US into Tijuana so easily!

On Saturday, we got to enjoy Mexican design and food at a special popup event, NERO48, to celebrate the opening of luxury apartment Broadstone Makers Quarter in downtown San Diego. My friends who couldn’t make it down to TJ earlier in the week were able to enjoy a bit of Mexico brought here.

A good week.

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