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What I See When I Run

Long distance runners cover a lot of ground and see a lot especially if the routes change on a whim. What I see when I run is what you see, too, on my instagram and blog.

Usually, I see a lot of landscape - what’s in bloom, what’s about to bloom, how people personalize their gardens, often with a lot of whimsy. If I run through Balboa Park, I’ll see the exhibit promotions at the different museums.

A lot of people are out walking and many will ask “Aren’t you cold?” “Aren’t you freezing?” The answer is no, as the perfect temperature for runners is 50 degrees with cloud cover.

Since I live in downtown San Diego, the runs are typically in the city and surrounding neighborhoods. Because of our many canyons, there is trail running even in the city. A new favorite is Arroyo Canyon often combined with Maple Canyon. Due to recent rains, a ecalyptus tree that toppled this past week in Maple Canyon blocked the trail. I wonder how that sounded when it fell.

There’s always something going on in Balboa Park. On the west side of the park, a couple of businesses had set up tents. One offered up some heart-shaped doughnuts. The other was a provider of gym trainers to your home. While I ate my doughnut, I talked shop with the personal trainer. We agreed that nothing is limits in your diet as long as it’s in moderation.

Lately, with the rains, the challenge has been to get out when it’s dry to avoid the “dreadmill”. A good year for me is one where I never have to step on a treadmill. Such was the case in 2018. Cross my fingers for 2019!

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