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Day 2 of OH! San Diego and One Week Later

OH! San Diego Day 2 for me started in La Jolla and ended in Barrio Logan, with stops at sites such as the Salk, La Jolla Historical Society, St. James Episcopal By-the-Sea, three architect offices/studios and an art gallery/center. It ended at THiNK Office Interiors, another OH! site, where our Wrap Party was held.

It was nice to just to talk with visitors, volunteers and site hosts. The places that I stopped by were self-guided where you could talk to the host as well as explore on your own.

Some visitors mentioned how they appreciated that we included an affordable housing project in the program. They said it was a fine example of the type of project that would be YIMBY vice NIMBY. Then someone else talked about parking requirements for new projects. In their opinion there should be adequate parking. This sequed into talk about public transportation. Just interesting to hear these conversations between people that had just met.

People have asked when we are going to bring OH! to this neighborhood or that. That depends on the level of involvement of community members. The more who give of their time, the more resources that can be lined up in terms of grants and sponsors, the sooner that can happen.

The numbers are not all crunched yet nor survey results fully processed. I left my laptop charger at a cool hotel while on a much needed break, so was not very productive the last couple days till a replacement charger procured.

I do know this from informal de-briefs with sites, visitors and volunteers - the energy of the event was at a higher level this year in terms of everyone’s engagement. A very positive outcome!

Carol Chin