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Day 1 of OH! San Diego 2019 - A Success on Many Levels

A busy day for the OH! team, but wanted to share a quick post. The pictures tell the story. People touring, taking part in site activites.

What the pictures do not show - the people who call and say “I’m available all day Sunday - how can I help?” “Have you found all the volunteers you need? I’ll bring a friend.”

Or the visitors you meet and ask how many times have they attended and they say a number, then follow up with “I’ll volunteer next year.”

Or “We just moved to San Diego and figured this was a great way to learn about the city.”

Or when you get out of your car and someone recognizes the OH! tee shirt and they thank you for what you do.

Of course, this is the good things I’m sharing. And it’s mostly all good.

There’s a lot of scrambling and lessons learned to be applied next year - the fun stuff we talk about afterwards and that years from now we’ll say “Remember when…”

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