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The Week in Pics - April 8

This week in pics, or to be more precise, just the half week :)

I like to say that no two days are alike. While I have many things scheduled - training runs, yoga class, meetings, there is always room for unplanned adventure!

Sunday started with a run. I usually know the distance to cover, but depending on street light cycles and a desired landmark destination, my route will vary.  The run was through Bankers Hill, Mission Hills and Little Italy. I took a lot of landscape pics. It is very much spring in San Diego.

The main event Sunday was at the Salk Institute for the last concert of the Science & Music Series. What an amazing piano performance by Zlata Chochieva and talk by Salk scientist Edward Stites! Love that my friend left inspired and I as well.

Since I was all dressed up, with nowhere to go, luckily a friend invited me to try Cloak & Petal,  a new-to-me place in Little Italy. And I got to order the Bone Marrow & Uni to satisfy my bone marrow craving! Also, the Yellow Tail Belly and Grilled Beef Tongue. I consider myself a semi-adventurous diner. I usually don't order chicken :)

Monday morning I visited Balboa Park twice - first for my morning run, then a couple hours later to attend a lecture, "Beautiful Fury" at the Timken given by guest speaker James Glisson.

In the evening, there was an event at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad to hear the president of the SDPTGA speak and meet members of the North County Artist Network. It's always fun to attend meetings in fun venues. The museums offers many interactive exhibits.

Today started with run to the Liberty Station Esplanade and a capture of this stunning Coral tree.

Then a chance to lunch with a scientist at the Sanford Consortium in La Jolla and get an informal tour.

Since I was just across the street from the Salk, I had to pop over for a quick visit.

Those are the more picturesque moments from the week thus far. In between, there were the usual daily life moments. But for the most part, my days provide many moments of beauty like this. Even just a visit to my chiropractor yields this vignette.