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What Inspires You? What Lifts You?

Not too long ago, at a dinner party our host asked each of us seated at the table to talk about what inspires us. I was reminded of this just yesterday when I saw a new What Lifts You mural while out running near Seaport Village in San Diego.

Whenever I see these photo murals where you are an interactive part of the art, I simply cannot resist, though my poses are quite ordinary.

So, how did I answer the question at that dinner party? I was almost the last one to go, seated at one end and it took awhile to go round. Our turns were interrupted by the chef's presentation of the courses and the wine pairings.

Of course much of what inspires me was said by some of the others.

I am inspired by nature, by what I see - light, shadows, color.

I am inspired by art and beauty and imperfection.

I am inspired by movement, athleticism and physicality.

I am inspired by people and their stories and their work, especially if they are passionate about what they do.

I am inspired everyday.



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