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24 Hours in Monterey

Spent an exceptional day rediscovering the city of Monterey, mostly by foot. Be here through the weekend and it feels like a complete trip already! True there's that marathon on Sunday...

Since the race expo didn't start till noon, there was time to explore historic Monterey. The state does a great job marking all the historic spaces. So many historic houses and adobes repurposed. The courtyard landscapes were quite lovely.

The tiny bit of research I did before the trip was to check out top things to do in Monterey on Trip Advisor. The Dali17 Museum caught my eye. Did you know that Salvador Dali spent the 1940s in the Monterey Peninsula? You can learn about his time here and view lithographs, wood engravings, films and more at the Dali17. There's also a number of Marilyn lip chairs where you can sit and take in the exhibits.

The reason for this weekend trip to Monterey is to run the Big Sur International Marathon. Stopped by the Monterey Convention Center to pick up the race bib and shirt and impressed by the organization of it all and the site. Super pleased to fit in a free yoga class there as well <3

The BSIM is a super scenic course, starting in Big Sur and ending in Carmel. Runners cross over Bixby Bridge halfway through the race.

Dinner tonight was at Bistro Moulin, located right across the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Lately, I've been enjoying French cuisine, so happy to find this highly recommended restaurant here in Monterey. Also, happy that I chose the Poisson du marche, a healthy choice prepared with Provencale spring squash, basil tomato fondue, and fresh thyme Meyer lemon beurre blanc. The Lemon Meringue Tart was a healthy choice, too!

A post dinner walk on the Monterey Bay Trail starting by the aquarium and heading into Pacific Grove. What could possibly top that? Except... 

a cozy seat by the fireplace :)