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Earth Day Musings

This morning I happened to run through Balboa Park and there was a festival for Earth Day. Booths were set up and there were more people than usual at that time of the morning. A security person admonished me "No running through the park." It probably had to do with more people in the park and the chance that I might bump into them. There were bicyclists and motor scooters on the road, so I assume they were warned as well?

Leaving the park, another runner and I noticed the irony that on Earth Day, there was actually a lot more autos heading to Balboa Park.

Last week I bought a Prius Prime because I needed to provide my daughter with my old Prius. If anyone could make do without a car, it would be me as I live downtown and could walk or catch a ride easily. But for various reasons, I need a car, at least for the next couple years.

I knew I was going to get another Prius, but didn't specifically seek out an EV-Hybrid.  However, that was the car available at terms that made financial sense. I got excited because my condo is installing electric charging stations to be shared by the tenants and I thought I could charge up at home.

Well, I have since learned the condo association is wrestling with rules for use of the charger stations. Not everyone is happy the stations are to be shared with guest parking stalls.  It's all new territory and it may not get resolved anytime soon. Even when it does get resolved, the rules may be so strict that charging hours could be hard to come by.

Still, I am excited to be able to charge up near my yoga studio while I practice. I'm paying more per kilowatt hour than I would at home, but it's very clean. I have yet to go to the gas station. And I like sharing the experience with my friends who don't have EVs.

It's quite ironic that I don't seek to live in a modern way, but somehow it is forced upon me anyway. Yoga has taught me to go with the flow.