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On Gratitude and Being Present

With Thanksgiving around the corner, thoughts turn to what you are grateful for. The usual come to mind - family, friends, health.

Beyond that, something that resonates with me is what a yoga teacher says at the end of class on being grateful for "this present moment".

A couple months ago, a friend mentioned how it seemed the year appeared to be flying by. It felt that way to me, too!

That conversation caused me to think how I needed to slow down, take time to pay attention and be present. My usual mode of filling my days and running around (literally) like a crazy lady may seem in opposition to that.

Fortunately, my daily habits of photography, yoga and even running provide ample moments to be present. Nature has a way of stopping me in my tracks to take a second look, at the way sunlight hits a leaf or a building and even the shadows that are cast.

So, here's to being grateful and present. When life gets crazy during the holiday season, remember to just breathe. And sneak in a pleasure or two :)