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Today's running adventure was most scenic and other than the starting point, the route was mostly unplanned. I let my feet guide the way :)

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City College

I love running around the City College campus, especially the newer buildings - (Arts and Humanities), BT (Business and Technology) and S (Science). The older brick buildings are nice, too. Succulents abound, many in the planters on the part of campus above B street.

Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge is a nice way for pedestrians to cross over I-5. The bridge connects Inspiration Point to San Diego High. Along the way, you can stop above the freeway and view the cars down below. There are great views of the city as well. and you get an up close view of the grafitti on the bridge itself.

Balboa Park Buildings on Inspiration Point

The buildings and beautifully landscaped areas in Balboa Park on Inspiration Point are on the south side of Park Boulevard. This area is off the beaten path of the museums and gardens that most tourists and locals frequent.

Veterans Museum

The Veterans Museum was the former San Diego Naval Hospital Chapel at Inspiration Point in Balboa Park. I stopped to take a couple pics on the side.

Balboa Park Activity Center

The landscape and architecture of the Balboa Park Activity Center has always caught my eye. Today the bougainvillea was in bloom. In the late spring, the wisteria over the pergola is in bloom. 

Administrative Courtyard

The Administrative Courtyard is located behind the Developed Regional Parks Administration Building. This is beautifully landscaped  with a lawn area, fountains, flower beds, walkways, arbors and gazebos. If you venture all the way to the end by the garden shed, there is a secluded pool complete with cherub fountain.

Rose Garden

If you visit the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden now, you are in for a treat and will be rewarded with blooms!  I am particularly fond of single petal varieties :)

Today's run was quite rewarding visually. It's nice to have many options for San Diego city runs.

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