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Race Training & Planning

After an extended marathon training break, the current plan is printed and placed on the fridge. Toronto in 14 weeks and we’ll see what’s around the corner for 2020.

Summer training for a fall race can get hot, but so far the morning marine layer hasn’t gone away…yet. Some may wish the June gloom away, but not this runner :)

The race itself will be a repeat course from 2018. Am happy to return to Toronto in October.

End of August, I’ll register for a spring marathon in Big Sur, another repeat course from 2018. So far, no thoughts yet for the 2020 fall race.

Since the Vancouver race, I have made a concerted effort to get some daily stairs in - a habit that has stuck. Ordinarily, a flatlander, my iPhone daily average is now 7 flights. It used to be 1 or none - a noticeable improvement.

What are your fitness goals?