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2017 Travel Year in Review

Whew, it was a busy year of travel! Stepping into the year, I knew there would be trips to Hawaii, LA, Ventura and Chicago.

But then there were all the other trips to San Francisco, Denver, Palm Springs, Fort Worth, Orange County, LA (many), Philadelphia, across the border to Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe and Hawaii (again).

Sometimes I travel for races, sometimes for work, sometimes to visit family. I always manage to fit in runs to explore by foot, museum time, and try new restaurants. My friends and even people I just meet offer thoughtful recommendations for places to visit and restaurants to try.

I started blogging in August, so though there are pics for many of the early trips in 2017, not all are documented. I may go back to fill in the holes in my spare time :)

Links are provided for easy access to the posts. Enjoy!

January - No travel! At home in San Diego.

February - A trip to Hawaii to visit family

March - A trip to San Francisco

April - A trip to Palm Springs for Desert X, a trip to Fort Worth for the Kahn Power of Architecture exhibit captured in My Louis Kahn - Power Of Architecture Pilgrimage

May - A trip to Santa Barbara and Ventura for the marathon captured in Anyone up for a Road Trip?

June - A trip UCLA, a trip to the OC and a trip to Denver 

July - A trip to LA to the Marciano Arts Foundation and Venice, CA

August - A trip to Pasadena and LA (Almost) 24 Hours in LA

September - A trip to LA, covered in 3 posts: Taking Flight is Fun(icular) , DTLA Art and Architecture Adventure (part 1) , DTLA Art and Architecture Adventure (part 2)  , a trip to Philadelphia: Louis Kahn Power of Architecture Journey Continues in Philly and a trip across the border,  9 Hours in Tijuana

October - A trip to Chicago for the marathon, covered in 3 posts: Let's Just Say We Ate Well in ChicagoArt Institute of Chicago - A Feast for the Eyes and More , Back to School at the University of Chicago

November - 2 trips south for Wine Tasting and more in Valle de Guadalupe  and More Adventures in Tijuana (this trip crossed into Dec.)

December - 3 trips this month, see Tijuana trip above,  Weekend Adventures in LA and Aloha 2017